Who We Are

Sugar became a reality for me in 2008.  I would make burp cloths or little dresses for friends, and when they started coming back for more I thought...I might just have something here.  I live in Highlands, NC with my sweet little family, I have a little studio, and get to create beautiful gifts and clothing on a daily basis.

What can I say, I am a lucky lady!

I hope you enjoy your Sugar items as much as I enjoyed making them.


What We Do

Simply put, we make quality, easy to wear garments, and functional accessories you will use time and time again.

We pair fun, hand picked prints, with simple designs.

I believe a kid should be a kid, and that includes dressing in simple easy to wear pieces. Soft 100% cotton. Wash and wear, it doesn't get any easier than that.


100% Handmade

I take pride in the fact that all of the items we make are handmade.

From pre-washing of the fabrics, in gentle chemical free soaps. To hand cutting, sewing and stitching on the buttons. Your Sugar items are created with a lot of love and care.