3 Interesting Facts You May, or May Not Have Known About Me.

So, Here goes, a few things about me you may or may not have known about me.  Nothing Earth shattering here. No dirty little secrets, just the facts.


Strange, but true. I  get a lot of pleasure from the sight of a clean floor, and there's just something about lugging out the vacuum that makes me feel like I have accomplished something with my day. 


I Can't Stand Long Finger Nails!

I'm not talking on other people.  I have seen lovely hands with beautiful fingers and fingernails.  I just can't deal with them on my hands.  I don't like the way they look on me.  I hate the way gunk collects under them, and frankly they just feel weird to me.  Again, I will state, I don't like them on me! I'm not judging other people.


And finally my last proclamation. I Always Sew Barefoot!

I can't really explain this one.  It just seemed natural to me when I started, then one day I tried sewing with my sneakers on and realized, I felt like a total moron.  

Well, there you go folks.  Like I said, nothing Earth shattering. And now, you can go on with your day feeling a little more knowledgable in the world of Caroline.